MD 7 Hotel

The Perfect Place For Your Birthday

for your birthday events we are ready to make it special

MD 7 Hotel

Birthday Package

Kids Birthday Party

Starting Rp 129.000,- / pcx*

meal for mom

3 food stall for kids

chocolate milk

birthday cake

room space

standard decoration

sound system

free room standard

Sweet 17th Birthday Party

Starting Rp 169.000,- / pcx*


2 food stall

mineral water

room space

DJ / live music

sound system

sound system


Birthday Party

MD 7 Hotel

Jl Siliwangi No 88 - Kota Cirebon

+62 231 3000 777 (24/7)

Jl. Siliwangi No. 88 Kota Cirebon
Tel. +62 231 3000 777
mail :


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